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Semi Private Training in Sherman Oaks

Body Unlimited Fitness offers semi private training in Sherman Oaks. Small classes are comprised of a group of two to five people, and this provides motivation for everyone. We will ensure that members of the group share enough fitness goals to be able to work together compatibly. This is exceptionally beneficial when there are other people to help encourage and motivate a person who is having difficulties. The group energy is useful in providing a second wind for many clients. It can also help to supplement the trainer’s instructions when the entire semi private training group is focused on achieving similar goals.

This is an excellent option for people who want to get the benefits that come with private training without the higher associated costs. Small groups disperse the trainer’s fees between the members so that the maximum benefits can be achieved at a reasonable price. The training experience is optimized when the group is compatible, so our team developed the small group private training system.

Small Group Private Training

The small group private training classes at Body Unlimited Fitness combine the best of both styles of training. Small groups make it affordable while also keeping the concentration at an intense level. The small group also enables the trainer to provide personal attention to each client. This is an important concern for parents who are enrolling their children into a small group fitness class. The focus on personal attention for each member of the group is a top priority. We focus on inspiring each client to learn and bond with others who share similar fitness goals. We offer a variety of techniques and modalities that are age and level appropriate. Contact us to try out a complementary class today at no cost.

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