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Personal Training in Sherman Oaks

Body Unlimited Fitness offers personal training services for all age groups and levels in the Sherman Oaks area. Each program is based on the information we get during the assessment, and we create a customized fitness program to track progress over time. Our fitness experts understand how to work with people in all age groups and physical conditions. We can work within your doctor’s recommendations if you have an injury, for example. We develop fitness programs for senior citizens as well as youth and children. Our trainers can provide more discipline if necessary, but we also work with self-motivated individuals as needed. We create programs designed to meet the unique fitness goals of each client.

During our monthly meetings, we review each client’s progress and develop a strategy for improvement for the next month. Each client’s goals are internalized so that your success becomes the measure of our success. This brings a level of personal interaction to the process that makes training at BUF an experience of community support and genuine camaraderie. Our personal training system utilizes the same tools for motivating experienced athletes. At the same time, each program is designed to be safe and appropriate for both your aspirations and your current limitations.

Private Trainer

Work with a private trainer from Body Unlimited Fitness to achieve your personal goals. Each individual has a different set of needs, and our private trainer is fully capable of accommodating them all. For example, clients who require more explanations and support will receive it. Other clients might need a different kind of motivation. If needed, we can also push you so that you won’t have to think too much about the reasons behind it. Emotional support is an important aspect of training for both women and men, but this might be expressed differently.

We use industry standard tests to measure progress:

  • OHM meters measure the body fat levels.
  • Calipers test, body circumference and tape measurements are all utilized.
  • Our progress tracking system introduces subjective metrics into the fitness program.

Subjective metrics allow people to track changes in their emotional condition, the fit of the clothes, perceived self-confidence and other internally based indicators. Relationships are the key to helping you overcome obstacles and meet your fitness goals. Contact us with questions about fitness, health and nutrition at Body Unlimited Fitness.

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