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B.U.F. is officially open! In response to the novel coronavirus we do have new cleaning, scheduling and operating protocols to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Please contact us through the contact form on our site or text the manager, Natalie, directly at 818-430-6025.


What’s your membership fee?

We don’t have any membership fees. Clients are only responsible for the cost of the training sessions purchased.

Do you have parking?

We have free parking on the side streets (Sunnyslope and Alott) from 8am – 6pm. There is meter parking in front of the gym as well as on the tops of the side streets from 8am-8pm. In other words, parking is free in the early morning and late evening.

How does membership work here?

BUF is a private personal fitness-training studio. Once you train here at BUF you are considered a member. You can only train when you are with your trainer. That’s our way of saying, “we care about your safety and health, and we prefer to be with you while you’re training to guide you to make sure you are not putting yourself in harm’s way and so you can get the most effective workout.” Furthermore, everything is customized according to your needs right down to the very music you like to listen to.

How much does it cost?

We have several options and plans. Prices work on a sliding scale based on the frequency of your weekly training. The more frequent you train on a weekly basis, the less the session price.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take practically everything. Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Check, and cash. If there is one we haven’t mentioned, then call us up and ask. We try to be as accommodating when it comes to payment as possible.

Do you have classes?

We can create a semi-private class for you at your request. So, if you, for example, wanted to save a few bucks and workout with your friend, then we can train you both at your preferred time slot. Also, we do have kids fitness classes during certain months of the year. Feel free to check back in with us to find out more info!

What happens if I need to cancel?

We ask that you give us at least 24 hours to cancel or reschedule. If you cancel in less than 24 hours then you will no longer have that session available to you; however, we understand that life happens. So, we will give you back 30 minutes for free that you can use any time. If you have a same-day emergency, then you will get to keep that session for future use.

How long is a session?

A typical session is 60 minutes. We do also offer 30-minute and 45- minute sessions.

Do my sessions expire?

BUF sessions NEVER expire. Ever.

Do you include nutrition counseling?

If you would like us to give you nutrition advice we are happy to oblige. The BUF Team is dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain health from the inside out. Nutrition tips and guidance are included in your training services. If you would like something more in-depth, a customized meal plan can be devised for you as well. There is a fee for that service simply for the reason that it takes several hours to put this kind of meal plan together, and requires modification as the time goes on. I highly recommend this option though since nutrition is so essential for one to reach their goals and to live a sustainable and healthy life long-term.

What are your hours? How early can I train?

We open when you need us. Early morning to late night, we are your fitness support crew.

What kind of training do you do? What is your specialty?

Every member of the BUF Team offers varying specialties, which allows us to work with many different clients. Together, we support and enrich each other. Thus, each client receives a comprehensive fitness plan. Since we work with kids and adults we pull from a full spectrum of fitness modalities to help each person achieve his/her goals. Anything from HIIT workouts to yoga to corrective exercise and much more may be utilized depending on your needs. We can help with strength/endurance, core/stability, weight-loss, toning or shaping, postural correction, injury/surgery rehabilitation (after physical therapy), and more. We train clients based on what they need to reach their goals, how they are going to be best motivated, and the types of workouts that they are drawn to. We always take into account physical limitations or injuries and always will work with members to restore the body back to a healthy balance. Body Unlimited – free your self from limitations. Our gym is fully equipped with everything one needs to get a great and comprehensive workout! Feel free to stop by or schedule a free fitness assessment to find out more.

Can you workout when suffering from chronic low back pain?

Yes you can. Depending on the severity of the pain and how chronic it is, there will be exercises that your trainer will need to modify or have you do specifically to address your pain, and/or exercises that your trainer will have you avoid. We absolutely can work with the pains you are experiencing by helping you target the source of your pain and then charting a course to resolve it. If your pains, however, are severe then we will most likely need to refer you out to a physical therapist or other doctor.

Do you train kids?

Yes we do! We also offer kids fitness classes periodically. If interested, please contact the gym for more details.

Can I bring my kids while I train?

Yes. We currently have some clients who bring their children to their sessions. We usually ask the kids to hang out in our zen zone- A secure, partially covered outdoor serene exercise area. They usually play games on their electronic devices or draw until their parents are done training. We do not offer daycare. So, if your child is under 6 years old or needs constant supervision, please setup the proper arrangements.

Can multiple people train at one time?

Absolutely! The per session prices become even more economical with this option. We have parents who train with their children, spouses who train together, and friends who train together too!

How long will it take to reach my goal?

That depends on so many factors- how often you are training per week, what your goal is, your genetics, what other workouts you may be doing outside of personal training sessions, your diet, your metabolism, your habits, and more. There is no one answer. However, if you sign up for a free fitness assessment at our gym, we can give you an estimate using our customized fitness formula and we will explain everything in detail.

What kind of equipment does your facility have?

We have everything from TRX and resistance bands, to weight machines and a squat rack, to a double cable pulley and boxing equipment, to cardio machines, and so much more. As mentioned previously, whatever your goal is we have the equipment to help you reach it!

Can I come in and train by myself?

As mentioned previously, we do not allow our members to train without a trainer. We want to make sure you are staying safe in the gym and getting the best, most efficient workout possible.

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