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B.U.F. is officially open! In response to the novel coronavirus we do have new cleaning, scheduling and operating protocols to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Please contact us through the contact form on our site or text the manager, Natalie, directly at 818-430-6025.

Body, Mind, and Lifestyle Sherman Oaks Personal Fitness Center

The Body Unlimited Fitness center in Sherman Oaks customizes fitness training to optimize your physical and mental health. Because we understand that the best form of healthcare is preventative, the caliber of our fitness center rivals the training of professional athletes but respects the unique starting points of all clientele. Our personal fitness center is conveniently located near Studio City, Encino, Van Nuys, Beverly Glen, and Valley Glen, bringing customizable health plans to our neighboring communities.

What distinguishes us from your typical gym or fitness center? We respect your individual needs and guarantee your health as a top priority. Large, impersonal gyms treat you like just another customer, but we founded our organization to foster personal relationships and equip our community with crucial skills, knowledge, and daily habits. As health and wellness educators, we help you realize your full potential in a safe and sustainable way.

Designing the Best Workout Routine and Nutrition Plan for You

At Body Unlimited Fitness, our trainers provide every client with a fully customized workout routine and nutrition plan. Our diverse team works with all ages, levels, and body types. Come to us to sculpt your body or establish a routine designed to stabilize your fitness level as you age. Teach your children about the importance of fitness by enrolling them in our Kids Fit Clinic. Work out one-on-one with a trainer, or bring your friends and family to a semi-private training.

Whether you seek guidance with weight loss, muscle toning, nutrition, or general wellness, the journey we design for you will feel as satisfying as the moment you reach your goal.

While many trainers are results-oriented, our team understands the importance of emotional support as an accompaniment to physical training. At Body Unlimited Fitness, your self-confidence is just as valid of a measurement as your waistline. It is never too late to prioritize your health—visit our site for answers to common questions and contact us today to begin your fitness journey.

What we do

The Body Unlimited Fitness center provides fully customized training for clients of all ages, levels, and body types. Visit here to explore our services.

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A financial advisor works with other professionals to advise clients on immediate and long-term strategies to accomplishing a client’s financial goals.

A successful entertainer or professional athlete is supported by teams of elite fitness trainers, nutrition experts, physical therapists, and body movement specialists to accomplish physique goals properly, effectively, and relatively quickly. All throughout our educational system school counselors and college advisors are available to support and help guide a student on his/her desired path and in the most personalized way.

Why isn’t the fitness industry as a whole functioning with these principles?

No matter your profession or current degree of career success you should have access to comprehensive fitness health support. Don’t wait for the “perfect” time to work on yourself.

The time is NOW.

Without body health and well-being, it is exponentially more difficult to achieve or even maintain other life goals. BUF is revolutionizing the way fitness professionals represent and approach fitness by including all of the above considerations that other industries are already known for. You may not have the same needs as a professional athlete, but you do have needs and wants. Fitness is not a fad and, thanks to health/medical developments/discoveries in the last few decades, we understand that our well-being is vital to living a full and happy life.

Fitness is not as black and white as the stereotype dictates— it is a dynamic and complicated field of study. In today’s world, all of us need an elite team of professionals to help us navigate through the information highway and guide us to fitness well-being. It is essential. Hire us and give yourself the support you need and deserve.

Body Unlimited Fitness
Body Unlimited Fitness

Happy Clients & Happy Trainers!

  • Optimize health, realize potential
  • Self care is the best health care
  • All fitness modalities
  • No membership fees
  • Team support
  • Ages 6 and up
  • Open at all times
  • Private Training
  • Health & Wellness Educators

Becky D.

He really cares about his clients and just has a way of motivating you to give more than you thought you could without making it feel like torture…The entire B.U.F. team is super welcoming and their energy makes for a positive and fun place to work out.

Emerald G.

For only training once a week confidently for the past two months, I am amazed at the difference I feel in my posture, strength, and posterior chain development…Through this corrective work I’ve been able to slowly develop the backs of my legs and balance out.

Madeline M.

I’m making great progress, getting toned and stronger, and I feel so much support from this gym. I am so happy with my membership and I have no intentions of stopping.

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Unlike the large factory health clubs where you're just a number or a key fob, Body Unlimited Fitness is made up of a passionate team of trainers and health coaches who focus their attention on you and your results.

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