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Cancer Fitness in Sherman Oaks

Body Unlimited Fitness offers a unique cancer fitness program to anyone in Sherman Oaks who has been affected by cancer. This includes people who are currently living with cancer and people who know someone else who is dealing with this disease. Being diagnosed with cancer might initially cause you and your family members to feel confused and helpless. We understand the need to take positive actions to deal with what’s happening on the physical level of the body. Exercise also has a positive impact on emotional and mental well-being, which is usually addressed in therapy. The physical element supports other forms of therapy that are designed to help the patient recover as much as possible from the cancer treatments.

Cancer Fitness Bootcamp

Each person in Body Unlimited Fitness’s cancer fitness bootcamp has an opportunity to feel instant camaraderie with others. Everyone in the class is affected by cancer. People who are going through cancer treatments may need their exercise regimen modified. We have several trainers in the bootcamp class to help maintain personal attention and customization for each person.

Beat Cancer Bootcamp

Beat Cancer Bootcamp

We designed this experience to help you feel more empowered after experiencing the power of the mind-body connection. Or, as Natalie says during the beginning of every bootcamp, “I don't know what you've been told; we are brave, and we are bold. We will do what we need to survive; we are strong, and we will thrive.”

Cancer fitness bootcamp is open to anyone who has been affected by cancer. We know how important it is to have a physical outlet for the frustrations and the pain that accompanies this illness. Friends and family members often suffer from the fact that a loved one is now living with cancer, and this stress can start to affect their health as well. The class is held outdoors to encourage the deep breathing that increases the oxygen levels in the blood. The first session is free. Contact us for more information about joining our weekly bootcamp classes in the park at the intersection of Magnolia and Hazeltine.

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