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Healthy Meal Plans in Sherman Oaks

Body Unlimited Fitness offers healthy meal plans for clients in our Sherman Oaks training center. Popular meal plans featured in magazines and news clips might work for a few people, but not everyone will benefit. Our custom meal plans are designed for the rest of the people who are left behind. Not everyone will respond to the same meal plan and supplements, so we educate each client about the meal plan that will meet your goals. For example, many people confuse healthy eating with the diet that helps you attain the desired physique. Eating fruits is healthy, for example; however, these are foods that tend to be high in natural sugars. Consuming too many fruits might impede your fitness goals. Our nutritional planning sessions are intense and focused on crafting a diet for your individual needs, genetic disposition, cravings, preferred physical activities and fitness aspirations.

Understanding each client allows us to develop the plan that will enable you to meet your fitness goals. This usually includes a detailed diet plan that lasts up to a week. It includes a grocery list, calorie plan, portion size and specific types of foods. However, we also make the plans flexible enough to fit into your busy life. Our health experts carefully evaluate each person before recommending supplements because each person has different needs. This is a health-based approach that is highly individual. We account for food sensitivities, allergies, lifestyle choices and preferred restaurants. We evaluate and modify the healthy meal plans every three months.

Personalized Dietary Plans

Our personalized dietary plans from Body Unlimited Fitness are supported by nutritional counseling. Counselors help you to understand how the foods you ingest can support your fitness objectives in tangible ways. You will learn how to use food as a tool to help you feel satisfied and energized. The dietary plans are completely personal, so if you enjoy eating broccoli every day, it is certainly an option. However, people who have different tastes will require a solution that accounts for their preferences. Every aspect of our training program is designed to help you overcome internal obstacles and develop your health on many levels. Contact us now for a free class to get started on your journey.

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