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B.U.F. is officially open! In response to the novel coronavirus we do have new cleaning, scheduling and operating protocols to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Please contact us through the contact form on our site or text the manager, Natalie, directly at 818-430-6025.

About BUF

About BUF

At BUF we strive to look at health comprehensively and help make lifelong, sustainable changes for our clients. Sure, we can help someone slim down for their wedding, but if clients are open to it, we really do want to help keep people happy and healthy throughout their entire lives. And that doesn’t necessarily mean clients are dependent on us forever; it means that we teach the tools and help build the habits so that our clients are capable of maintaining that well-being for the long term.

We believe that fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. Sometimes it takes time and patience to develop healthy patterns and habits, and our knowledgeable staff is here for our clients every step of that process.

We ideally prefer to work with clients from the inside out-figure out their ideologies, motivations, thought processes, and how they absorb information. All this helps us understand our clients better, which will help us help them get to their goals quicker in a more effective manner.

We truly care about our clients and people in general. We yearn to help everyone become their best selves. To us, it isn’t just about building muscle or being able to run five miles; it’s about connection, human understanding, having our clients feel happy and confident, and creating healthier patterns for our clients. We don’t solely care about how much they can lift; we care about their nutrition and what’s happening internally with their bodies as well. We care about what each exercise is doing to our clients bodies beyond just the immediate effect. We consider dozens of variables when it comes to fitness programming and what is right for our clients. If you are a BUF client then you know that you have a team of professionals supporting you, which, in our humble opinion, is such a relief! We wish we all had a support team for our fitness and our well-being. How much healthier would everyone be if this was a reality? How much money would everyone save in medical bills? How many more people would be generally more blissful every day? What would this planet be like with more happy people?

Many individuals, in the Fitness Industry and elsewhere, take fitness from a shallow perspective. However, we take it from a very deep mental and spiritual level. This is one of the many things that is unique about our business, including the fact that we strongly believe in communication and teamwork.

Our staff is a family, and we work very closely with one another to make sure that all people that step through our doors leave with a bigger smile and a better sweat than when they first walked in.

Chris Riordan

Chris is an AFAA certified personal trainer, baseball coach,
fitness bootcamp instructor, lifeguard,
massage therapist, and
spiritual gangster. Reaping the benefits of training in a gym requires proper technique first and foremost. Chris is also a multi sport Athlete (Martial Arts-Baseball-Football-Soccer-Basketball, and Triathlon) and has over twenty years of experience in fitness training. He develops a specific program for each client that takes into account heredity, life circumstances, personal health history, diet goals, and special needs.

As a father of two teenage athletes- one a Dancer the other a baseball player- balance is everything. And it starts with making healthy choices in the grocery store to figuring how much downtime is required to train the clients, himself, and the kids. Everyone struggles with motivation from time to time. He gets it. So, when he takes the time to take care of himself, he takes care of everyone around him too. This is because when Chris feels good he’s faster, funnier, and full of the inspirational flow required to finish the job and everyone benefits! Let him help you get started.

Chris focuses on building a strong core and the regeneration of cellular tissue through proper breathing to feed the heart while keeping it at a fat burning rate. This process not only builds muscular strength, but also increases power, endurance, and elasticity. In other words he wants you to still have all your cartilage and be able to touch your toes when you are 90 years old. This type of training allows for customizing in training areas such as event preparation (Marathon, Triathlon), weight loss, prenatal and postnatal training, injury therapy and other special circumstances..

Get in shape, stay in shape, feel good and live an injury free life!

Alexis Mallery

Alexis got her first taste of fitness at a very young age in Russian Ballet. She trained in this art form for 12 years. Although she is grateful for this because it gave her the ability to snowboard and freestyle dance anywhere, it really wasn’t what fulfilled her.

In college, Alexis decided she wanted to help people in some capacity. To help with this, she got her Bachelor’s in Psychology.

A little while after college, she found another love of hers – Bodybuilding! It was very interesting to see how her training in ballet helped with this. Both require the same discipline and a lot of the same postures.

After a while of doing this, Alexis decided she wanted to help others achieve their fitness goals. She became NASM certified and has been a trainer ever since.

Alexis specializes in TRX, HIIT, weight loss, nutrition, core workouts, flexibility and mobility training, and bodybuilding. With her diverse background, she devises workouts that incorporate many different training styles. Alexis likes to keep it interesting for her clients, and pull from many different types of exercise. It keeps it fun, exciting, and keeps the body from going on autopilot during sessions. Just like we need many different types of food, she believes our bodies need many different activities.

Like BUF’s goal, she too approaches fitness from the inside out. It has been one of the joys of her life to get to know people on a personal level and come to an understanding of them, so she can better help them achieve their goals. So much of what people do is mental, including fitness and exercise. Because of this, it’s so important that Alexis checks in with the client’s mind as well as the body during, before, and after a personal training session. With this being said, Alexis teaches clients knowledge and skills that will deepen their understanding of themselves.

Because afterall, long term change only happens with an understanding of what you are doing, why you are doing it, and a plan to keep yourself motivated.

Dimitris Lekkos

Dimitris Lekkos was born and raised in a small village in Greece. At a young age Dimitris quickly developed a passion for fitness. He didn’t have access to modern day gym equipment, so he developed creative ways of staying fit. He went back to the basics of his ancestors and learned how the first Olympians trained. He developed very effective programs using his unique base of knowledge and began to share with as many people as possible.

In Greece, all young men are required to join the army. He became a part of the highly respected Presidential Guards, where he was quickly noticed for his ability to train and teach others. He soon became a top trainer with this elite group. After Dimitris served his Country, he then began to travel around Europe, sharing his deep love for fitness and health.

Dimitris’ became a certified personal fitness trainer to help as many people as possible. He has a never-ending well of creativity when it comes to exercises. If you are someone who gets bored with a routine, have no fear, Dimitris is here! Not only that, but he is so careful to hone in on the correct exercises and and fitness programming for you as not to put you in a vulnerable position that can leave you open for injury or can exacerbate an injury.

Considering his ancestry, upbringing, and the scientific fitness and health discoveries of today, Dimitris truly brings you a unique training experience.

Seth Daniel

Seth has been involved in sports and fitness for most of his life. He played football throughout his teenage years and was also on the diving team. Seth spent all those years in sports also working out in the gym and has never stopped. The idea that you can have a home where people support you, keep you accountable, and are genuine is important to him. When you train with Seth, you know without a doubt that he’s got your back.

Seth has not only a natural gift for understanding body mechanics, but also is a certified physical therapy assistant. He became board certified in 2016. Seth wants you to get the physical training you need, so you can have the freedom of mobility and, thus, the freedom to mold your body to your liking. He believes that you can be strong and healthy well into your 90’s and it’s never too late to start working on your health and fitness. He will make it seem easy to have patience for yourself to work on your body, step-by-step, so that those goals become something you can maintain and enjoy for the rest of your life.

If your interest is bodybuilding or just getting stronger, he’s your man. But, Seth also bridges the gap between physical therapy and fitness training. Many people come to BUF either frustrated because their PT clinic isn’t helping and they aren’t feeling improvements or because their PT clinic has released them and now they need to continue exercising. The intimidation is that fitness trainers only know how to train hard and heavy. That is simply not true with our team at BUF. Though, training “hard” is more of a relative term. If you are deconditioned or have ailments, Seth will give you exercises that are proper for your fitness level and ability. You will feel that it is tough, but not because you are lifting 60 pounds and sprinting up a hill. More so, Seth will have you work on the issues affecting your mobility so that you can relieve some of your pains or even completely move past them.

Natalie Joseph

As she was being born, her father, a nuclear physicist, removed himself from the dialysis machine to come see her. Her mother, a hypnotherapist, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was 3 years old. Ever since she can remember, Natalie watched her parents suffer and battle their physical ailments. She saw how difficult it was for them to smile sometimes just because they were in so much pain. Amidst all of that, Natalie started skiing when she was 5 years old, gymnastics a few years later, and then track.

Natalie’s father passed away from congenital heart failure when she was 21 and suddenly the idea of living a healthy life and taking care of herself hit her like a freight train. She went back to college and then became a certified personal fitness trainer. Natalie has continued to study the latest research on health and fitness ever since. After years of working with individuals one-on-one, she began to realize that there are a few trainers out there who actually give healthful advice to their clients or who even care about their clients enough to ensure they are exercising appropriately. Natalie has trained in so many facilities throughout the valley including the large corporate gyms. She’s seen way too many trainers not watching their clients, looking on their phones while training, having their clients do exercises they are physically incapable to do and with weights they cannot lift. She began to see that there is a major need for a business that can offer smart, safe, and efficient fitness training by trainers who actually care. So, having 10 years of serious training under her belt, she began to put a team of elite trainers together- a team that could work together for the greater good of human beings.

The general vibe out there in the fitness world is to keep to yourself and promote yourself and your six-pack abs as much as possible. Well, unfortunately, this behavior does not support health and well-being. Just because you have muscles does not necessarily mean you are healthy and if you lost 50 pounds by way of extreme diets then that is not something to celebrate either! In other words, the fitness industry is a bit backwards and inside out. Natalie is extremely passionate about getting the truth out to the people and what better way to do that then to build something larger than herself.

Natalie opened Body Unlimited Fitness in January of 2015. She now takes care of her mother, who can barely walk anymore, and just had a baby girl in 2016. So, she completely understands how crazy life can be and how wonderful it can be. Making time for healthy habits like exercising, cooking, going outside for heart-healthy walks, drinking enough water, sleeping enough, following your own bliss, and spending time with loved ones are not extra bonuses in life, they are what makes the experience of life joyful. Natalie plans to open more Body Unlimited Fitness locations and help spread the love and the joy of truly living healthy and fit.

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